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Why Bags?

I recently started chatting & posting pictures about my new So Pretty Jewelry "Bags" onFacebook and Instagram.

So Pretty has always been about jewelry. So why bags you ask? To be honest it didn't start with handbags at all. While on a much needed hiatus from jewelry making I purchased a 3 month pass for hot yoga. During a difficult pose I got to thinking about how I wanted to solve my personal jewelry frustrations! I know you’re supposed to clear your mind in yoga but as a self proclaimed entrepreneur this is almost impossible. I own a few jewelry boxes, none of which prevent my silver pieces from tarnishing.I somehow manage to store a room full of tarnish free silver supplies in my workshop for my jewelry making but fail when it comes to my own pieces.I also hate traveling with my jewelry!Inevitably at some point of my trip I’m untangling necklaces, cursing the new scratches on my rings or bends in my earrings.

If I have these issues surely my customers do too! Countless times over the last eight years I've been asked how to store silver pieces to prevent tarnishing and how to travel with jewelry to avoid damage. It was time to come up with a good solution!

I set out to create a travel friendly, air tight and compact jewelry storage system. I decided on a page format in varying configurations to accommodate jewelry of all shapes and sizes. Each page has a plastic cover with a zipper opening to keep an air tight seal.

These pages would then stack and snap on top of each other. The clear plastic while air tight also allows for easy viewing of pieces; you can flip through to see your collection much like the pages of a catalogue. Next I had to consider the size of the pages and what the outside cover/holder would look like. Stay tuned.......

Jewelry Page Configurations




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