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Canada & US Free Shipping When You Spend $100


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I loveFab! Not just because they`re selling my wares starting Jan 10th and are on Forbes top ten list of tech companies in 2012 but because I've been a customer of theirs since last summer!

Last year I received a wedding invitation from a long time friend of mine Kendall Barber - the brains behind City & Dale & co-owner of Poppy Barley. I was thrilled but a bit puzzled on what to get Ross and her. What do you get a couple that is brilliant, stylish & fun at heart......the list goes on? Besides home design, fashion and travel we both really love good food. Who doesn't? After swapping stories about hunting down the best restaurants in the cities we travel to I started my search for the perfect gift. Getting a whisk or a new cookbook just didn't seem right! When I stumbled on FabI was hooked! In a short time was able to find two molecular gastronomy kitsfrom "Molecular Foods".Both the cocktail and cuisine kits looked really cool and so UNIQUE! Perfect for my "difficult to buy for foodie friends".  I also purchased monbento boxes for my boys. It's truly a cool place to shop online!

It got me thinking that I should contact them to sell my jewelry. What did I have to lose? In early December an email from one of their accessories buyers landed in my inbox. Merry Christmas to me and a big thank you to Fab!

Fab is a place to find unique items that are well curated. They celebrate good design (both big and small brands) and bring it to the masses. Some interesting facts about Fab!

  1. Just 18 months after launching their business they have 10 million members.
  2. They sell in 26 countries.
  3. Work with 7500 Designers and had 15 000 products in their store in 2012 making them the largest design store in the world.
  4. They`re not afraid to sell anything and everything as long as it`s FAB!
  5. Fab exists for one simple reason: To make you smile.
  6. They scour the world for great design. 90% of Fab products are not sold on any other major websites.
  7. Modern, colorful, quirky, passionate. They are FAB!

Thank you Fab for choosing So Pretty Jewelry for Valentine`s Day!






Monbento™ Original bento box - blue



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