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Jewelry Care Instructions


We want your So pretty jewelry to look as good as new for years to come. Sterling silver and gold vermeil (gold heavily plated onto silver) is an excellent material for jewelry because of its durability and suitability for those with metal sensitivities. Some extra care is required to prevent natural tarnish from occurring. 




      To keep your jewelry looking new, store your pieces in an airtight box or bag (not paper). We've included a reusable storage bag that closes tightly and will keep your pieces tarnish free when you're not wearing them. A glass or plastic box or sealed bag will also work if you lose this one. While our boxes we use to ship your pieces are ideal for shipping and gifting, they are not meant for long term storage. The resealable plastic bag we ship the products in is perfect for storage (make sure it is completely closed) or an airtight box or ziplock bag will do the trick. This ensures air and humidity can't get at the pieces which will result in natural tarnishing. 

      Exposure to harmful chemicals, humidity, and extreme environments will compromise the integrity of your jewelry. Avoid chlorinated water, spraying perfumes, and applying creams or essential oils directly on your pieces.
      Ideally store your items separately so that they don't rub together, scratch, or become tangled.

      We don't recommend heavy exercise, sleeping, or showering/bathing repeatedly with your pieces on.

      To clean your sterling and vermeil pieces use one of these products available in-store or online or another cleaner of your choice which is approved for these metals and specifically for jewelry.

      For more information or further questions, please email us at


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