Canada & US Free Shipping When You Spend $100

Canada & US Free Shipping When You Spend $100


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Our Promise To You

Under our warranty, we promise to take care of you. For 1 year from the date of purchase, we’ll take care of your product if any damage to the material due to the original construction or the workmanship of the jewelry occurs. If it's past one year we can still attempt to repair your item (cost determined on a case by case basis) and if you ship it back to us we will ship it back to you at no cost to you. 

We work with a small number of special manufacturers to create handcrafted, responsibly sourced pieces that are made to last. We’re confident in the quality of our product hence the 1-year coverage.  

Please submit any warranty requests via this email and our team will follow up with you within 1-2 business days. 

What Does Warranty Cover?

Our warranty does not cover lost items, scratches that come with normal wear and tear (like a bent ring or broken chain due to your error), improper use or storage of your product (see our cleaning and care instructions), and any modification to your product done by a third party outside of So Pretty Cara Cotter.

I Own Another Brand of Jewelry. Can You Repair It And Is It Covered Under Warranty?

We do not repair other brands items. Items purchased through a third-party or other brand (outside of and or So Pretty Cara Cotter stores) are not covered under our warranty. 

I've made changes to my So Pretty item myself or by another jeweller. Is it Covered Under Warranty?

Any modifications made in house are covered by our 1 year warrant (from original purchase date. We do not recommend having our pieces or products worked on by outside jewellers as this voids any potential for refund or replacement (should a defect develop due to their work). This includes resizing or any type of repair work.

My pieces are tarnishing. Is this covered under warranty?

All our pieces include a care instruction card in the box it is shipped in for all online orders or purchased in store. Some extra care is required to prevent natural tarnish from occurring. This is not covered under warranty. Here is a link to our full storage, care, and cleaning of your So Pretty pieces. 


Do I have ship back my item to be repaired? 

Please note that in order for us to continue improving, we may require any defective piece to be sent back to us for inspection and quality auditing. Once the warranty process is started we will be in contact by email or phone. Please email us here to inquire further.
For reference, our repair and warranty ship to address is:

So Pretty Warranty & Repairs
201-10110 124 Street
Edmonton, Alberta
T5N 1P6

Please contact us with any further questions in regards to our warranty.