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Coup {Garment Boutique}

If you haven't been to Coup {Garment Boutique} yet what are you waiting for?!

This week I picked up this new Laura Vela- Jill leopard /black leather bag. This is precisely why I shop here! I love to support local but I also like to bpieces that you can't find everywhere.

These days I'm about quality not quantity so when I pick something out I want it to last. I know when I go to Coup Boutique I'll find just that. With brands like Philip Lim, Iro, Raquel Allegra, Tibi, Smythe, Mother Denim, & Mason (just to name a few) I feel like I'm stepping into Barney's without the plane ride!

Yes they also carry my jewelry line but even if they didn't I'd be spreading the word. We're lucky to have them! Plus when you shop there you can stop in at other 104th street gems like  Credo Coffee, 29 ARMSTRONG, Dauphine Bakery and Bistro, & deVine Wines.

Sounds like a perfect shopping day to me!

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