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designer modern sterling jewelry coveted for its ease of layering and messages of true beauty   #WhatsYourSoPretty

To me pretty isn't just about outward beauty but shows itself more clearly in ways such as wit, love, glee, bravery, spirit, intuition, poise, grace, and joy etc. The list is endless. After I complete each design it is given a name to symbolize all that is pretty in the world. Born out of a love for semiprecious stones and fine metals, the line offers one-of-a-kind, high quality, handmade jewelry. My design aesthetic marries pretty, modern and organic elements together to create stunning and versatile sterling silver and 18K gold vermeil pieces that layer with ease.  It takes several days to hand cut all the stones and carefully set them into each handmade metalsmithed piece. I look forward to sharing my designs with you. 

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