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We are proudly a female founded Canadian luxury brand! We love being a part of the community and are committed to partnering with local charities and like minded businesses to support each other.

Power Of Giving

So Pretty was founded in 2005 by Cara Cotter.

Since then one of our core missions has been to help non-profit organizations that provide hope and healing to those in need within our community.

To date we have given over $40 000 to the below organizations listed along with many others. 

WIN House

In 2020 we made our largest donation to date giving $7000 to WIN House. 


WIN House

Ladies On The Green/Zebra Centre

Knight's Cabin

Our People

People are the heartbeat of So Pretty and our future.

Alongside our dedicated craftsman and colleagues we collaborate with intention to create and bring to life something really special: responsibly crafted hand-finished jewelry celebrating women’s self-expression.

We are committed to taking care of our people and empowering their talents.

Anti-Fast Fashion

At So Pretty we are the opposite of fast fashion and take an ethical approach to crafting jewelry by creating limited quantities so we  don't have excess inventory as well as creating pieces that are timeless and crafted to last so they don't end up in our landfills. 


Cara and members of the So Pretty team have taken the time to travel to Jaipur to meet with out craftsman and tour their facilities to ensure their positive working conditions and policies are in line with our core values of ethically and thoughtfully made jewelry.  

Watch Our Story Here. 

So Pretty hand crafts fine jewelry in Jaipur with slow fashion and ethical production in mind.


Shop Local

We have a lengthy history of teaming up with other local Edmonton businesses to help support each and strengthen our community. From the first "ThoughtfulYeg Popup" with Poppy BarleyPura Botanicals, and Plum Home to collaborations with Jacek Chocolate we adore working with like minded Edmonton businesses. 


We even opened our very first storefront in Edmonton with the beloved Pura
Botanicals to create a new and innovative retail experience for our customers.



Edmonton Storefront